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The Galilee Research Center

The Galilee region is characterized by multiculturalism which calls for extensive systematic research. Historically, it is an area inhabited since ancient times and throughout the generations, people of different religions and cultures have settled in the Galilee. Today, it is a rich and diverse region in terms of populations, communities and cultures that constitute an interesting and challenging "social-cultural mosaic". The Galilee population includes various religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are monotheistic religions, alongside the Bahai religion. Moreover, there are various streams of Jewish tradition in the Galilee - Haredim, Hasidim, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, North Africans and others. There are also various streams of Islamic tradition - mystical groups of Sufis, in addition to the Sunni stream. As for the Christian religion, it is divided in the Galilee into various denominations, including the Catholic-Oriental stream, the Greek Orthodox stream, and the Protestant denomination.

The main goal of the Galilee Research Center is to conduct scientific research in the various fields within culture and community: sociology, education, psychology, anthropology, music, history, archeology, geography, literature, art, religions and mysticism. In addition, the Center engages in evaluation studies that examine educational-pedagogic processes alongside processes that reflect institutional and organizational changes. Evaluation studies are carried out in the Galilee region in full coordination between the Center and institutions and communities.


Research Areas:

History and archeology of the Galilee in all periods.

Religion, Mysticism and Spirituality:

The various Christian streams in the Galilee

Islamic currents in the Galilee

The Jewish streams in the Galilee

Religious sites and pilgrimage sites in the Galilee (in all religions and streams)

Varied forms of settlement in the Galilee: Urban settlements, rural settlements, community settlements.

Safed and the Lurianic Kabbalah.

Music in the Galilee: popular Arabic music, Arab artistic music, music in the synagogues, sources of Hebrew songs in kibbutzim in the Galilee, original work in the Arab sector and in the Jewish sector.

The Galilee as an object of works of art:

Visual art in the Galilee (in all sectors) - painting, sculpture, architecture, theater, cinema.

Artists in the Galilee (in all sectors).

Literature and poetry in the Galilee (in all sectors).

Authors and poets in the Galilee (in all sectors).

Education: the state of education, curricula, education systems, informal education,

Teaching-learning processes.

Languages ​​in the Galilee - in different sectors and in different groups.

Geography of the Galilee.

Economy in the Galilee - employment, unemployment, income levels, employment by gender.

Medicine in the Galilee - conventional and alternative.

Agriculture in the Galilee.