Interdisciplinary Training & Research Community Center

The Zefat Academic College aims to advance Academia-Community collaborations around local and regional research and training interests. For this purpose, the Interdisciplinary Training & Research Center (ITREC) was established. The mission of ZAC is to make higher education accessible to potential students and thus, strengthen the geographic peripheries of Zefat and benefit multi-cultural community development.


The ITREC mission:

  1. Contribute academic research and training on local and regional issues, from an interdisciplinary and inter-organizational perspective.
  2. Utilize research, based on civic experiential knowledge, to enrich teaching and training methods.
  3. Map community based organizations and services, and assess communal needs and assets.
  4. Reach out to local communities and civic organizations, with special attention to excluded and disadvantaged multi-cultural groups.
  5. Develop training and research on professional and communal leadership, for the advancement of interdisciplinary regional interests.
  6. Strengthen the social involvement of faculty and students in research and training of complex community development issues.
  7. Advance research and training on multi-cultural social problems, by integrating scientific knowledge with public wisdom.
  8. Promote inter-departmental collaboration within the College, with community based organizations in Zefat and its environment.


The Center will focus on training - with special emphasis on interdisciplinary and inter-cultural teams of professionals and community grassroots leaders from Zefat and the region, in areas of knowledge pertinent to the College, and on action research - with special emphasis on complex social, cultural, health, legal, and humanities issues, which require inter-departmental collaboration within the College and with community-based organizations in Zefat and its environment.

Research projects will deal with issues such as Health promotion in the Galilee; Strengthening community and regional resilience; Mysticism and spirituality in the Galilee; Governmental, philanthropic and business sector collaborations to minimize socio-economic gaps between the center and periphery of Israel; Developing inter-cultural and inter-faith relations in the region. Research documents will be published and discussed in public platforms.


The center will advance inter-organizational and interdisciplinary collaborations, inter-departmental collaborations, as well as College collaborations with community-based organizations – thus increasing its public visibility as a significant regional research and training center, which leads academic action research in the Galilee by enhancing civic participation of excluded community groups and strengthening the social involvement of faculty and students in culturally sensitive community development processes.