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Zefat Academic College (ZAC) - Research Interests

Zefat Academic College (ZAC) -  Research Interests


Zefat Academic College (ZAC) is a leading institution of higher education in the faculties of Health Sciences (Paramedical studies), Law, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Information Systems. One of major goals is to encourage novel leading research in a large range of fields.


We have approximately 3,000 students and over 200 Academic lecturers who come from all sectors of the northern periphery and constitute the diversity of the region's population. Given our multi-cultural community of faculty and students, we are proud to be the most diverse public institution of higher education in Israel. Our population includes all ethnicities in the region: Jews and Arabs, Muslim, Druze, and Christians and is proof for true coexistence. It is therefore not surprising that so much of our research is multidisciplinary with a muti-cultural focus.


Researchers and ZAC are highly diverse with research focuses ranging between laboratory science, social health, sociology, arts, law and computational data analysis. Along with the varied and specific research interests of each of our researchers at ZAC, there are currently four leading research centers at the college:


  • The Interdisciplinary Research center for Multi-cultural Development.
  • The Galilee Research Center
  • The Galilee Center for Digital Health
  • The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The Research Authority at ZAC was founded in order to coordinate aspects of research, help researchers find funding opportunities, organize research events and encourage research collaborations. We are open to both academic and industrial collaborations as we believe in high-quality, multi-disciplinary research. International collaborations allow for more perspectives and comparisons, having broader international impact and new avenues.


For further information, please contact us:


Dr. Hadar Neuman


Research Authority