ZAC International Education Unit

ZAC International Education Unit


ZAC International Education Unit at the Zefat Academic College was established in 2018 with the support of the Council for Higher Education in Israel. It is designed to engage in several areas that include initiating, developing, encouraging and promoting international ties with academic institutions around the world. These connections are intended to develop agreements regarding staff exchanges, student exchanges, joint projects and joint international studies. 


In this framework, the committee for international academic relationships was established. The committee's members are from various departments and were nominated by the college President. They participate in the committee's meetings and also meet with members of other committees from different faculties in Israel. They are involved in promoting the faculty internationally and also among the college students and staff members.


In light of this, the unit deals with the development of international awareness within the college among management, staff members and students. The unit is in the progress of preparing the college for staff and student exchange in several aspects. For example: preparing signs in English, developing a Moodle software in English, enriching the English college website, writing and teaching courses in English etc.


The college has hosted delegations from academic institutions in the United States of America, Germany, Belgium, Ethiopia and Hungary. The College has an Erasmus agreement with Belgium, as well as an international agreement with Germany.

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