Postponement of the Forgiveness Conference

Dear members of the forgiveness community,

We regret to inform you that, due to the ongoing state of conflict in Israel and the unpredictable nature of the situation, we have had to make a difficult decision to postpone the forgiveness conference. The current circumstances prevent us from determining an alternative date at this time, but we remain optimistic about rescheduling the event in 2025. We will provide a notice with the rescheduled conference date once the war concludes.

To those who have already submitted abstracts, we express our gratitude, and we kindly request that you keep them saved for future reference when the conference is able to proceed.

In these challenging times, we extend our best wishes to all of you. May we find the strength to embrace forgiveness even amidst adversity.

Warm regards,

The Forgiveness Conference team


The 2nd International Conference on Forgiveness will host scholars, experts, and practitioners in relevant fields on the following themes:


  • Forgiveness as a human experience
  • Forgiving within an intra/intercultural context
  • The forgiver and the forgiven relationship
  • Being forgiven
  • Forgiveness, justice, and the law
  • Forgiveness - values, virtues, and ethics
  • Forgiveness in religious, social, and political conflicts
  • Religious and spiritual perspectives on forgiveness


There are numerous expressions of forgiveness, forgiving and being forgiven, that can be observed across different cultures. Research has demonstrated the significance of these processes in addressing personal, interpersonal, and societal challenges while facilitating conflict transformation, reconciliation efforts, and emotional well-being. Moreover, various studies have highlighted the importance of forgiveness as an effective intervention strategy in several domains of support. Notably, scientific investigations have yielded findings indicating that engaging in forgiveness significantly diminishes symptoms associated with various somatic and psychiatric syndromes and assist victims of crimes and offenders.


Scholars from multiple and diverse disciplines explored the concept of forgiveness. However, this broad and profound concept needs to be further explored and has only begun to be understood. Therefore, the 2nd international conference is being held and builds on the success of the first one. 


The conference aims to provide a platform for discussing and understanding the diverse perspectives on forgiveness, particularly in multicultural contexts. 


The program will feature keynote speakers, including:


Prof. Suzanne Freedman, Guidelines for Forgiveness Therapy: What Therapists Need to Know to Help Their Clients Forgive


Suzanne Freedman is a Professor of Human Development in the Educational Psychology, Foundations, and Leadership Studies department at the University of Northern Iowa. She received the APA Dissertation Award in 1993 for her groundbreaking research on forgiveness and incest survivors, published in 1996 in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Suzanne has been studying the topic of forgiveness for over 30 years, and her publications focus on the psychology of interpersonal forgiveness and forgiveness education with children, adolescents, and adults. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences on the psychology of interpersonal forgiveness. Suzanne Freedman is the recent author of the curriculum, The Courage to Forgive: Educating Elementary School Children About Forgiveness. She can be contacted at


Rabbi Leo Dee, On Forgiving oneself 


A devastating attack  occurred during Passover where Rabbi Dee's two daughters, Maia and Rina, were brutally murdered and his wife Lucy was critically wounded. Tragically, despite all attempts to save her, Lucy passed away three days later. The family displayed remarkable compassion even after her death, donating her organs and saving five lives. One of those fortunate recipients was a Muslim Arab Israeli from Northern Israel. Rabbi Dee's narrative portrays a poignant account of coping with unimaginable suffering from his loss, while promoting compassion and forgiveness.

Other presenters attending the conference will include academics, practitioners, social enterprises, and participatory workshops.

For more information, please, contact us at:


We are looking forward to seeing you!

The organizing committee:

​Dr. Yitzhak Ben Yair, Dr. Esthi Shachaf-Friedman, Prof. Tomer Einat, Mr. Sarel Ohayon, Prof. Natti Ronel, Prof. Javier Simnovich, Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero



Submissions will be possible from September 1, 2023

Submission deadline is January 1, 2024

Registration will be possible from November 1, 2023

Registration deadline is June 1, 2024



The First International Conference on Forgiving

The First International Conference on Forgiving and Being Forgiven within an Inter/Intra Cultural Perspective


hosted scholars, experts and practitioners in relevant fields with the following themes: Forgiveness as a process and an experience, the forgiving and or the forgiven person within an intra/intercultural context.

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