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Your impact

No matter where your passion or interest lies, when you invest in Zefat Academic College (ZAC), your gift has an outsize impact. Gifts of all sizes combine to create a circle of support and a momentum of change that go beyond the borders of our campus. Our programs and activities have a ripple effect — not just in academia, but in Israeli society as a whole.

Your donation helps to shape ZAC today and tomorrow by providing critical funds used by College leadership to meet the most pressing needs of the College and its students. Donations are the lifeblood of any academic institute, sustaining its growth, and our rapid development renders considerable donations vital. Your support helps us ensure our community remains large, diverse, and at the forefront of higher education.

The very generous contributions of our friends are our only means of providing scholarships, launching educational projects, opening new programs, preserving historic urban sites and constructing classrooms conducive to the pursuit of knowledge.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence across the College and strengthening all of our programs so they can fulfill their potential. We also recognize the value of making strategic investments where ZAC is uniquely positioned to make significant advances and contributions to society.

Gifts large and small have an impact on the campus, the city of Zefat and beyond. Consider student scholarships: the majority of our students receive some kind of financial aid. That's one reason ZAC is considered a leader when it comes to economic diversity and upward mobility.

Please peruse in our website the various projects that the College has completed in the past, is executing today and would like to undertake in the future. Your dream may be our next endeavor!