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Scholarships - Zefat

Your scholarship money makes a difference!

We are operating in one of the poorest regions in Israel, and as a result, the socio-economic profile of the students in Zefat is the lowest in Israel. In fact, approximately 54% of our students come from a low socio-economic status.

90% of our students hail from the northern periphery, and 90% are first generation college students.

The cost of higher education is simply out of reach for too many. The Ministry of Higher Education and the College itself do offer financial assistance, but it is not enough to help all of those in need. Your contribution of a scholarship makes a dramatic difference to an individual, to generations of a family, and to the North of Israel.

By providing a scholarship donation, you will be helping us promote the education of students who would not otherwise be able to study, and thus help improve their quality of life. Further, by educating these students you help us help the communities, by providing volunteer hours and by increasing the number of professionals in the community.

Many of our students wish to make a difference. A difference in their own lives and standard of living, a difference to their community and a difference to the northern region of Israel as a whole. They seriously need your help. They cannot financially afford to make the difference alone.

When you give a scholarship:

  • The full amount of the scholarship is awarded to the student - there is no overhead.
  • Donors receive reports at the end of the academic year, as well as invitations to special events with opportunities to engage with scholarship recipients.


Scholarship recipients give back to the community

As part of their scholarship stipulations, students give back to the community by taking part in various community projects. Over 180,000 volunteer student hours are dedicated each year to serving the less fortunate Jewish and Arab populations of the region.

Good to Know:

  • If he or she wishes, the donor's name will be noted on a dedication wall.
  • A socio-economic status parameter is taken into consideration in each scholarship.