Our Scholarships


Students of low socio-economic status
Approximately 54% of our students come from a low socio-economic status. Therefore, a scholarship greatly helps students to dedicate time to studies they would otherwise not be able to afford and partake in. For many students, their studies are full time, with up to 40 hours of studies per week as well as homework, coursework, practical experience hours and preparation for examinations. While some may seek a part-time job to support their housing and living expenses and pay for their tuition, others find balancing studies and employment difficult. In addition, there are few employment possibilities in the northern periphery.
Students of low socio-economic status need financial support in order for them to be able to fully devote themselves to their studies and graduate - thereby realizing their potential.


Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Students
The Haredi community is isolated from the rest of Israeli society, and in order to overcome this situation, Zefat Academic College offers Haredi students a scholarship that provides a revolutionary framework within which 10 Haredi students receive academic, professional and personal support during their studies. Upon graduating from the program, the students will join the workforce as a well-trained individuals and become a contributing members in the periphery of Israel.


Scholarships to Arabs/ Druze/ Bedouins/ Circassians
Scholarship donors can choose the group they wish to support, in order to promote education within that specific group. If you seek to empower a minority group, we can built together the scholarship requirements in order to locate and identify the students who need this significant financial aid.


Encouragement Scholarships

  1. Community Information Systems for Druze Students:
    As part of efforts to recruit students and encourage registration for special tracks, and as a result of cooperation with activists in the field of education in the Druze community, the College grants a scholarship to Druze students in the Department of Information Systems.
    The scholarship will be awarded to new students who were registered, accepted and studied at the College in the Community Information Systems Department.
  2. Mysticism and Spirituality:
    The Zefat Academic College wishes to encourage and strengthen the Mysticism and Spirituality B.A program through incentives for registration and admission to the department.




President's Scholarships
The President of the College awards scholarships of 4000 NIS to selected students who have excelled in their studies and achieved a grade average of 90 or higher.



Social Involvement:

"Tomorrow's Horizons" program
At the core of "Tomorrow's Horizons" program is the Beit Midrash, which has been operating at the College for several years, and serves as a source of knowledge in many fields that relate directly or indirectly to the academic studies or to the student's lifestyle.

The goal is to create a vibrant national religious community that will integrate social and community life alongside academic studies.

The group will include 100-120 students, army or national service graduates, who wish to take an active part in the various activities in the community and in social activities as determined by the College. The students participating in the program will meet with public leaders, intellectuals and academics from Zefat and the region. They will work in various volunteer frameworks in the Galilee in general and in Zefat in particular, they will be empowered in the fields of social leadership, training skills, and will lead social and community action in one of the projects run by the College in the community.

Among the program's partners: Mifal Hapayis, the Bnei Akiva alumni association, Shaalei Torah, the Institute for Zionist Strategies, and the Hechalutz project.


Social Leadership Program
Students receive a scholarship and participate in community leadership workshops, in order to become a vital part in their communities, and actively make a change.



Mentoring Scholarship
The Zefat Academic College encourages its students to solidarity and mutual assistance. The College offers students a scholarship for helping their peers, who might need extra help with their studies, and thus promotes both mutual responsibility and inclusive excellence.  



Scholarships for members of the "Student Community"
Scholarships for full tuition are granted to students who work within the framework of their community in Zefat and in the region. Community involvement is the primary task for members of this community. This scholarship is awarded in partnership with the Council for Higher EducationFind out more about the program.



"Israeli Hope" Scholarships
Scholarships for students who participate in the President of the State, Reuven Rivlin's "Israeli Hope" program, to bring together various groups in the population. Find out more about the program.