The "Garden of Eden" grove

Restoring Beit Bussell adds green spaces to the College, the crown jewel of which will be the 1.1 acre "Garden of Eden". Reconstructing and repairing original components such as terraces, paths, and benches, while accounting for accessibility and protecting the environment guide the plan for the Garden.

The Garden reflects an effort by the College to balance public values and to deal non-commercially with the needs of, and potential conflict between, development and preservation and to cultivate an unmediated connection between man and place, to instill respect for the past, for the other and for the natural world.

A Plaza in the area of the lower garden and the northern promenade, will feature stairways, hiking trails, and a view of Mount Biriya to the north and Mount Canaan to the east.

The planning will turn the axis into a multifaceted open landscape that links the urban to the natural space. Along the main axis, open spaces will be developed to serve the needs of the students, the College, the residents and visitors of the city.

This contemporary 'Garden of Eden' will be planned and maintained according to ecological principles, as an ample public space surrounded by nature, that preserves the historic design and guards the environment against the invasion of excess construction projects.  

This project will help cultivate an unmediated connection between man and place, instill respect for the past and for the environment. The plan, which includes landscape conservation and restoration of landscape elements, will help tell the history of the place, echoing the concept that shaped it, which views nature and the open space as an important resource in body and mind wellbeing.


Naming Opportunity:

In recognition of the generous donors who will support this project of designing, constructing and renovating the northern slopes of Beit Bussel - the 'Garden of Eden' and the Promenade will be named in their honor. A large plaque bearing the donor's name will be prominently displayed at the garden's entrance, and the garden will be referred to by name in the College’s publications and other written materials.

This innovative project is an essential component of the College’s long-term development plan, and an essential part of the College's impact on the region. The donor's contribution will be appropriately recognized and positioned to receive maximum attention.