The Department of Optometry

Optometry is a sought-after profession with extensive employment opportunities; however, there are only two degree-granting optometry programs in Israel, both located in the center of the country.

In order to address the severe shortage of programs and practitioners in northern Israel, and allow fair access to the optometry profession, Zefat Academic College has been granted the authorization to open, in 2020, a program for a B.Optom degree - recognized by the Council for Higher Education of Israel.

Members of the new Department of Optometry include some of the best optometrists in Israel, as well as specialist ophthalmologists from Israel and abroad.

Four years of study will combine theory with practical work, developing the skills required for operation of innovative optical equipment and research tools for diagnosis, detection and treatment of problems in the visual system. Starting from the third year, students will examine patients and acquire therapeutic clinical experience.

In order to offer our students the best academic and practical environment, we will need to equip the optometry program with cutting edge instruments. In addition, we will have to build laboratories and eye exam clinics for both our students and future patients. We invite you to join our generous partners and take part in realizing this ambitious and much needed program that will bring high quality Optometry studies and experts to northern Israel.