Physical Therapy Department

Physical Therapy Department

Physical Therapy focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. Graduates of the program earn a B.P.T degree, and are eligible to take the government licensing examination.

Our students' success rate in the government licensing examination stands on 93%!

All of our graduates work in rehabilitation centers, leading medical centers, community centers of the large HMOs, or child development centers (including special education).

The four-year academic program provides theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge in the development of the mobility system from infancy to old age and an in-depth understanding of health and illness in relation to the individual's bio-psycho-social aspects, while fostering a comprehensive and humane approach to human needs. Graduates are in demand in hospitals, health funds, child development centers, rehabilitation centers, private institutes, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Department of Physical Therapy strongly encourages social involvement and assistance to populations with special needs. As part of the study program, the first three years are devoted to a clinical experience in the field of welfare (children and adults with developmental disabilities), and from the fourth year, we are involved in physical activity and other special projects for this population. The 4th year "Rehabilitation in the community" course is dedicated to this topic.

In the field of teaching, the department leads a clinical teaching method in small groups, developed in cooperation with Tel Hashomer.