Multi-Purpose Complex

90% of the students at Zefat Academic College come from the northern periphery of Israel. The excellent reputation of the academic programs, especially those that ensure full employment upon graduation, attracts a large number of students who constitute the first generation of those studying in higher education. The rapid development of the College, along with its popularity among additional applicants from remote areas, poses the first challenge to the College: currently, we cannot accommodate students coming from a distance. We believe that student dormitories, located right on campus, will be a magnet for many students from the center of the country.

There are two important aspects of student accommodations, beyond their role as physical housing:

  1. Recruitment: schools that offer housing may enjoy an advantage in attracting students who live far away from the campus.
  2. Retention: various studies reveal that students who live on campus are more involved in campus life, have a lower dropout rate, and perform at a higher academic level than off-campus students.

The second challenge lies in the fact that the College is located in a dense urban center, which can be an obstacle in search of a construction site that will be at the center of the campus. The College has located such a site that will allow the construction of a multi-purpose building, which will include an underground parking lot, a commercial floor, an academic floor and three floors for student dormitories.

A simulation of our future multi-purpose complex: