Expanding the Wohl Academic Complex at Zefat Academic College: An Academic Second Floor

The Wohl Academic Complex has become the hub of the College's activities and the center of attraction for visitors. Thousands of people visit the Wohl Academic Complex every year, in addition to students and faculty members who use the facilities, such as the library and the auditorium, daily.

The successful restoration of the Wohl Academic Complex, with its vibrant activities, raised the need to continue its development with an additional academic floor to the Wohl Academic Complex, which will solidify it as a multi-functional academic pivot: an auditorium, academic facilities, and a library.

The additional floor in the Wohl Academic Complex will comprise of four classrooms, optometry laboratories and offices leading to stairways and an ample outdoor assembly area.

We invite you to help us and be a part of this project to develop the Wohl Academic Complex further and enhance its function as the central hub of the entire campus.