Computer Labs

Zefat Academic College has over 3,000 students. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students and thanks to exciting new programs that the College will develop in the coming years, the number of students will rise dramatically.

Not only is the College a mirror of the demographic composition in the northern periphery of Israel, but it also provides an exceptional opportunity to make higher education accessible to many first generation college students in the northern periphery. 

In addition to all the challenges facing the College, it should be noted that according to the socio-economic index, our students are among the lowest decile among all students in higher education in Israel.

It is only natural that we at ZAC, consider it one of our main missions to pave a way to acquire academic science education and promote learning the sciences among the young generation of the northern periphery. In the north there is a huge shortage of labs, science teachers and curricula that will present science to children and youth, and bring them closer to Israel's higher education system. Therefore, ZAC has opened an Academic Center for Youth. The vision is to reduce social gaps and strengthen weak populations. The main area through which the College seeks to express this vision is science education as a basic and necessary component for creating change and reducing social and economic gaps.

Providing access to excellence to its many students and to thousands of middle and high school pupils is a challenge, especially with regard to computer classes and teaching equipment. The College is interested in significantly increasing the number of computer labs in order to allow a larger number of students access to the best learning and research tools.

We invite you to join the circle of supporters of this important project by assisting in the establishment of new computer labs and classrooms, which will enable our students greater access to computers and allow us to continue the activities of the Academic Center for Youth at no cost to the youth studying in the Center.