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Zefat College Academic Center for Youth

In recent years there has been a significant drop in the number of science and technology students in Israeli high schools and a decline in their achievements in national and international examinations. In the northern periphery of Israel, there is an even more dramatic need: there is a noticeable lack of science teachers and appropriately equipped labs in the North.

As a natural outcome of the College's vision to expand access to higher education among the pupils of Zefat and the entire Galilee, ZAC has opened an Academic Center for Youth in order to make excellence inclusive and fully accessible to youth of all ages. The Center offers programs designed to develop the pupils' potential for research, science and technology, with an emphasis on the health professions. The Center promotes high-level scientific education in the Galilee, strengthening the region and its diverse population. The Center creates experiential programs for children and youth that foster intellectual curiosity and a love for science. Participants come to the Center's programs from across the Galilee and from all of its diverse communities and backgrounds.

The Academic Center for Youth creates experiential programs for K-12 students that foster intellectual curiosity and a love for science, exposes students to scientific language and encourages students’ progress into the world of inquiry. Some activities take place within schools, and some in the College’s science laboratories. The Center works in cooperation with local and regional schools, as well as the education departments of the local authorities. The purpose of the Center is to expose young pupils to the sciences in an experiential way in order to create an affinity, thereby increasing the number of pupils choosing to specialize in science studies in junior and high school. The activities are intended for pupils who do not possess prior scientific knowledge.

The main goal of the Center is to establish a multi-year program that creates a continuum in the field of scientific study and research. This innovative project is an essential element of the College’s long-term investment in the community, and thus a vital part of the College's impact on the region. Through the exposure of children, youth and their parents to the world of science, inquiry, questions and curiosity, there will be, over the years, a significant increase in the number of residents of the periphery in higher education.

Since the Academic Center for Youth is new, there is a great need for equipment and for newly designed laboratories to accommodate the young pupils, taking into consideration their academic needs. Since the Center provides for the needs of several different age groups, it requires the design of modular labs that can change based on the requirements and age of the students who use them.

Gifts for the Academic Center for Youth will allow to retain appropriate instructors, equip and expand the labs capacity, and operate the Center in a full and ever growing manner - for the benefit of the young pupils of Israel's north.