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The Student Community

The Student Community:

The Student Community is a force for change and development in Zefat and the region, contributing to the social and civic awareness of students and the community.

This projects aims to create a group of students, who live and work in the city, in order to form a social involvement community that will constitute a significant driving force for leading change processes in a variety of areas in the city and contribute to the social and civic awareness of its students.

We aim to build a young and diverse community whose members are socially aware and involved in many areas of life, that aspire to preserve the Galilee character and create a social atmosphere that promotes local culture while leveraging the quality human capital of the city.

The student community will serve as an example for young people from the city (and the next generation) to acquire an academic profession and choose social activism by taking responsibility for their lives and understanding that they can influence their surroundings. Members of the student community will integrate local social initiatives, initiate and lead projects, and form a community of life.

Working in cooperation with the Municipality of Zefat, the Young People’s Center and a number of social service organizations and members of the community initiate and staff projects aimed at learning more about and improving quality of life in the region, setting a positive example for local youth, encouraging social activism and volunteerism, and building long-term connections that strengthen the sense of belonging and mutual responsibility.

We believe that the joint social activities, both for the community and for the city, the tours in the Galilee, the acquaintance with inspiring people, the institutions and organizations working for the city, the experience and the connections that will be established between the members of the group will connect them and form them into one community. All these will contribute significantly to their choice to settle in the city for the long term and continue to influence its prosperity.

We see the program of building young student communities as a key lever for strengthening the city and the College in many areas in the present and in the future.

Program Description:

The program will operate on three levels:

  1. Development and operation of social initiatives - initiation, establishment and operation of student activities.
  2. Communal cohesion - as a process of cohesion, building a community, strengthening the sense of belonging and mutual responsibility - with an emphasis on the Galilee in general and Zefat's surrounding in particular.
  3. Creating partnerships - the students will meet people from within the community with the aim to form joint working relations (municipality, youth center, associations & organizations).