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The New Legacy Heritage Center for Medical Education


The English Mission Hospital (Beit Bussel)

The signature structure of the Beit Bussel compound is the English Mission Hospital building, designed by Gottlieb Schumacher, an American-born engineer, architect and archaeologist whose father was a member of the Temple Society, a group of German Protestant exiles who built settlements in 19th century Palestine.

The Complex has great historical, cultural and architectural significance. In its various incarnations, it reflected Zefat's history from the mid-19th century until the end of the 20th century. The stone buildings that were established as a hospital of the English Mission are testimony to the activities of the missions that operated in Zefat and among other Jewish communities in Israel from the mid-19th century. The story of the hospital building reflects the development of medicine in the Galilee against the background of the struggle between tradition and modernity among the Zionist settlers in Israel.

The hospital building also figures in the struggle for Zefat during the War of Independence and reflects the culture of the convalescent homes that existed in Israel at that time, and Zefat as a summer tourism city in the 1950s and 1960s.

The renovated building will become the heart of the College in its new life as the campus Student Center, home of all the student service units - the Dean of Students, the academic workshops, the tutors and the academic advisors.


    The historic Beit Bussel                                Simulation of the renovated structure as the Student Center  

The New Academic Center: The Legacy Heritage Center for Medical Education

Expansion plans are now underway to create a new complex on the main campus. The new complex will comprise of six buildings on five acres, acquired by the College. The New Legacy Heritage Center for Medical Education, including the historic buildings, will be the heart of Campus activities and will include the Nursing School, the Student Center, the Center for Medical Simulation, and the Physical Therapy School.

In this new Center, the architecture of the old buildings will be preserved, while their interior will be modified to serve the College's academic purposes. The plan includes close attention to the Galilee landscape and the unique character of the campus in its historical context.

Thanks to our generous partners – the JNF, UJIA –GB, the Rashi Foundation, Legacy Heritage Foundation and Israel's Council on Higher Education, this project is underway and will be ready for our students in August 2020.

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