The Beit Midrash Program - Zefat Academic College

The Beit Midrash Program

The Contemporary Life Beit Midrash

Zefat Academic College’s Beit Midrash offers a traditional home for in-depth study of Jewish texts infused with the intellectual curiosity of academia: the Beit Midrash deepens knowledge and appreciation of Jewish heritage, while broadening intellectual horizons.

In addition to the requisite hours of immersion in biblical and rabbinic texts, the Zefat College Beit Midrash guides students in exploring the links between traditional Jewish thought and their 21st century study of law, health, social sciences and culture.

The Beit Midrash also reaches out to the community at large, offering lectures and conferences designed to enable men and women from all walks of life to benefit from the experience of traditional Jewish study in an academic environment.

Another essential aspect of the vision of Zefat Academic College’s Beit Midrash is to encourage dialogue among scholars and community leaders - secular, religious and traditional - on issues that explore the links between Torah and science.

The Contemporary Life Beit Midrash is in need of general support as well as scholarships for students who dedicate themselves to its study programs. Support is also urgently needed to enlarge the Beit Midrash Library. Commitments are sought to support research and teaching, including a thoughtful study of the Weekly Torah Portion to be shared electronically with students and general subscribers. Sponsorships of conferences and lectures will enable the Beit Midrash to invigorate residents of the city and the region and offer a model for encouraging creative approaches to religious study, community engagement and fruitful dialogue on campus, in the Galilee and throughout Israel.