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Medical Simulation & Training (MST) Center

The current flagship project of Zefat Academic College is the construction of a Medical Simulation & Training (MST) Center on campus to serve the Galilee region.


Currently, there is no institution in the northern periphery of Israel that offers simulation-based education for health students or health professionals. As the single institution of higher education in the Israeli north that specializes in the allied health professions, Zefat Academic College is accepting the innovative challenge of medical simulation for its students and the community. Only three hospitals serve the vastly dispersed populations of the rural Galilee and currently there is no advanced medical training facility in the north, which negatively impacts the quality of health care and health preparedness.


MST-Galilee will be a unique training complex that will enable students and professional visitors to practice advanced technologies and innovative teaching and training methods, and transform the learning experience from passive to active. The simulation systems have been identified as important tools in the ability to improve patient safety, reduce human error, improve quality of care and impart and test clinical skills.


The Center's vision is to promote excellence in clinical care, strengthen and refine aspects of safety in the medical workplace and improve students' performance by implementing a wide range of simulation-based medical education. Bringing to the fore experiential learning opportunities will improve the clinical skills and communication skills of healthcare providers, and create a safer, more ethical and humane culture for medical treatment.


The total area of the MST will be approximately 1,719 square meters (5,640 square feet). It will include four main components: a teaching and training wing for the Nursing School and a teaching and training complex for the School of Physical Therapy and the Department of Emergency Medicine. The center will operate in full cooperation with a number of medical institutions in northern Israel.


Thanks to our generous partners: Legacy Heritage Foundation, JNF, UJIA-UK, Rashi Foundation, the Council for Higher Education and the state of Israel – all construction costs have already been covered.


However, our work is not done. In order for MST-Galilee to operate fully and successfully, Zefat Academic College is looking to raise additional funding in order to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and simulators which will allow the college to transform health education, improve patient care and upgrade crisis management. We invite you to join us in realizing this goal and support medical excellency in the Galilee

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