Alliance Building

The Alliance building was established in 1925 by Alliance Israelite Universelle. Its history can be traced back to the activities of Dr. Yeshayahu Blidan and his wife, who arrived in Zefat in 1884 with the encouragement of Baron Rothschild. Dr. Beliden, appointed by the Baron Rothschild as the doctor of Rosh Pinna, was loved and accepted by the Galilee residents, but being secular, he was not popular among conservative religious circles.


Under the influence of the Baron, and at the request of some residents of Zefat, Dr. Bleden opened a school in his home, despite the Zefat rabbis' boycott on the school and its founders, another school was established in the city - the Avraham House - named after the Baron Avraham Binyamin Rothschild.


The doctor's wife, Flora Lydden, was involved in raising funds for the educational project, which were deposited with the management of the Alliance in Paris. In 1896 the schools were transferred to Alliance, which established two separate schools for boys and girls. The Ashkenazi rabbis boycotted the schools and threatened the parents with the denial of the allowance from the "distribution" funds. Despite the threats, the Sephardic parents sent their children to school, and later on were joined by the Ashkenazi parents. The first building of the school was located in two ancient buildings in the Jewish quarter. In 1925 a new building was built in the area where the Zefat Academic College is located today. In 1948, Alliance transferred the school to the state authority, which established an elementary school that was later converted into the Alliance high school. Many generations of students from Zefat and the surrounding area studied at the school until it completed its activities in the late 1990s, with the establishment of the local education complex. Today the building serves the Zefat Academic College, and includes classrooms and offices