Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero - Zefat Academic College

Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero


Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero is a staff member of the law school at Zefat Academic College.

She was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1966. She graduated from the law school of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, magna cum laude (1992), and earned her LL.D. from the Hebrew University (direct track) (2001). Her LL.D. dissertation, written under the supervision of Professor Alex Stein, addressed the significance of the presumption of innocence beyond the burden of proof.

Her areas of interest are criminal procedure, criminal law, law and literature and therapeutic jurisprudence. She is the author of a book addressing the law of detention and of dozens of articles in Hebrew and English.

Among her publications in English: The Protection of Free Choice and the Right to Passivity: Applying the Privilege against Self-Incrimination to Physical Examinations and Documents' Submission", WILLIAM AND MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL (forthcoming, 2020); The Silence of Jesus and Its Significance for the Accused", 55 TULSA LAW REVIEW 443-467 (co-author, Hala Khoury-Bisharat) (2020); "Changing the Paradigm of Models to safety and Hazards", 55 CRIMINAL LAW BULLETIN 50-70 (2019); "Extending Miranda: Prohibition on Police Lies Regarding the Incriminating Evidence", 54 SAN DIEGO LAW REVIEW 611-648 (2017); "Plea Bargaining as Dialogue", 49 AKRON LAW REVIEW 63-90 (2015); Respecting the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination: A Call for Providing Miranda Warnings in Non-Custodial Interrogations, 42 NEW MEXICO LAW REVIEW 203-236 (2012); "Can Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment Help Us Distinguish between True and False Confessions?", 9 OHIO STATE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW 231-253 (2011); “The Limits of Preventive Detention", 40 MCGEORGE LAW REVIEW 903-934 (2009); “Protecting the Guilty", 6 BUFFALO CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW 1163-1188 (2003); "Presuming Innocence", 55 OKLAHOMA LAW REVIEW 257-295 (2002). 

Kitai-Sangero has taught various courses at Universities (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University) and Colleges, including Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Evidence, Law and Literature, Detention Law, the Privilege against Self-Incrimination.