Prof. Pablo Lerner- Zefat Academic College

Prof. Pablo Lerner

Prof. Pablo Lerner, received his legal education in Argentina (LLB Univ. of Buenos Aires, 1981) and Israel (Phd Hebrew University, 1998). He is currently a law professor at Zefat Academic College and at the College of Law and Business, Ramat Gan, Israel. His fields of research are comparative law (with particular attention to the study of codification) and enforcement of judgments. He also writes about animal laws.

Amidst his last  publications : "Leaving Home, Transplanting Law: Guido Tedeschi and Other Jewish Émigrés from Europe," Studi Senesi, 130, 2018, pp. 229–251; "Debtors Discharge in Enforcement Proceedings," Kiriyat Hamishpat, 11, 2018. [In Hebrew.] ; "The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts as Model Law: Some Remarks from the Israeli Perspective," Uniform Law Review, 24, 2019, pp. 121–148.; "Yiselie Sifa de (Zai) Fadianhua: Yiselie Minfadian Caoan Lilun Zhengming," Journal of Shantou University – Humanities and Social Science Edition, 11, 2019, pp. 49-68. [Chinese translation of the article The (Re) Codification of Israeli Private Law : Support for, and criticism of, the Israeli Draft Civil Law Code" (in collaboration with Prof. A. M. Rabello), 59 AJCL 763, 2011, translator: TANG Chao.]; "The Restriction on the Driver's License in Execution Proceedings," Haifa Law Review, forthcoming. [In Hebrew.]

Regarding the International project with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrein Prof. Lerner will be very interested in contacting academics or law faculties for the purposes of research and teaching.

Regarding research it could be possible to discuss with colleagues from EUA or  Bahrein  frameworks for collaboration in subjects of common interests (for example: the use of UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts by national courts).

Regarding teaching, Prof. Lerner will be glad to teach “Mixed Legal Jurisdiction” and/ or  “Introduction to Legal Systems”.

Introduction to legal systems- Prof. Lerner teaches this course in English to American and British law students in Israel. The course covers a broad range of subjects, such as Roman Law and English Law (e.g., common law and equity, the role of the courts, binding precedent), the French and German codification processes, basic principles of comparative contract law, American law within the global context, and new trends in the harmonization of the legal system.


Mixed legal jurisdictions: discusses mixed legal systems, based on the intermingling of common law and civil law, secular and religious law. The course will focus on the main mixed jurisdictions:

Louisiana, Quebec, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Scotland and Israel. The course could also help understand the process of the approximation of legal systems and the blurring of frontiers among legal cultures.

Both topics may enlarge the theoretical, historical, and comparative knowledge of the students and enrich their legal education. Moreover, they  may be elaborated according to a very flexible academic framework and therefore could be offered as a series of lectures, short courses, or semester-long courses and they can be amended according to the University's needs.