Prof. Nimrod Shatil - Zefat Academic College

Prof. Nimrod Shatil

Prof. Nimrod Shatil is an associate professor in Zefat Academic College. He serves as the head of Hebrew department of the college since 2000. He completed his PHD studies in 1998 (cum laude) in Tel-Aviv University. His thesis (under the supervision of the late Prof. H.B. Rosen) dealt with nominal phrases in Spoken Hebrew, based on data gained from recordings of natural speech and analyzed through structural methods. He taught in the University of Nancy II (France), university of Haifa, "Oranim" College and "Oholo" College. Additionally, he teaches in the Law School and in the Department of Literature in Zefat Academic College. His main interests of research are developments in Contemporary Hebrew, mainly in morphology and syntax. His data are retrieved from recorded corpora of natural speech as well as data from the internet. In addition, he published papers on problems of ancient Hebrew and Modern Hebrew literature. A collection of his articles in Hebrew appeared in his book Developments in Contemporary Hebrew, The Academy of Hebrew Language, 2014.