Dr. Tal Keren Raifman - Zefat Academic College

Dr. Tal Keren Raifman

Dr. Tal Keren Raifman (B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.) is a member of the Physiotherapy department, Zefat Academic College, and is employed as a senior researcher in the Physiology and Pharmacology department, Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University, and as a lecturer in the School of Medical professions, Tel Aviv University. Dr. Keren Raifman submitted her Ph.D. dissertation "modulation of GIRK potassium channels by novel proteins and PKA" in 2000. Afterwards, she did her post-doc in the University of Miami, Florida, USA, where she studied the modulation of ion channels by G proteins. In 2003, Dr. Keren Raifman returned to Israel and continued her research of modulation of ion channels in the department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University. In addition, starting in 2008, Dr. Keren Raifman has been teaching physiology courses in the School of Medical professions, Tel Aviv University. In 2013, Dr. Keren Raifman joined the physiotherapy department, Zefat Academic College, where she teaches physiology and pharmacology.


Selected publications:

  1. Galit Tabak, Tal Keren Raifman, Vladimir Tsemakhovich, Nathan Dascal. Ggamma Assists Gbeta to Activate GIRK1 by Relaxing Inhibitory Constraint. Biophysical Journal, volume 114, Issue 3, 2 February 2018, Pages 377a-378a

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