Dr. Shimon Karmi - Zefat Academic College

Dr. Shimon Karmi

Name: Shimon Karmi

Position: lecturer

Department: Multidisciplinary studies

Phone Number: 0524522050

Email: shimonc@zefat.ac.ul

Areas of Interest: Politics of the Middle East, conflicts of terror, guerrilla and peace-building organizations

Biographical Info: Intelligence background in countering terrorism, MA and Ph.D. in terror research at the University of Haifa. Lecturer at the Academic College of Zefat and Security institutions. 

Research: Terrorism and peace building un Middle East.

Teaching: Basic elements of modern terrorism; Guerrilla and Peace Processes: The Case of the PLO and the Oslo Process; Introduction to the Politics of the Middle East.

Awards: Institute for Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation at Tel Aviv University.

Publications: Dissertation: "The Political Motives for the Entry of a Terrorist Organization into a Peace Process: The Case of the PLO and the Oslo Process", under the guidance of Prof. Ilan Pappe, Exeter University.

Thesis: "The Challenge of Peace for Terrorist Organizations: Changes in the IRA's Terror Policy, Against the Background of the Northern Ireland Peace Process." Under the supervision of Dr. Ilan Pappe.

Shimon Karmi. The Coastal Road Attack: Intelligence, Military and Strategic Implications (unpublished).