Dr. Michal Aharonowiz - Zefat Academic College

Dr. Michal Aharonowiz

Dr. Michal Aharonowiz is a senior staff member in the Physiotherapy Department at Zefat Academic College. During her work as a physiotherapist at Beit-Rivka Rehabilitation Center, she acquired clinical experience in rehabilitation of adult patients and of post-stroke patients specifically, and she served as a clinical mentor to undergraduate physiotherapy students working at the Beit-Rivka Rehabilitation Center.

The topic of Dr. Aharonowiz's Ph.D. dissertation was transplantation of human embryonic stem-cell-derived neural progeny, in an animal model of multiple sclerosis. During her post-doctoral position at the Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Center at Hadassah Medical Center of the Hebrew University, she developed a protocol for directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into oligodendrocytes, the myelin forming cells of the central nervous system. Her work was published in journals such as Differentiation and PLoS One.

Her current main interest is in developing methods for teaching clinical courses in physiotherapy and developing simulation methods in physiotherapy, which she pursues in cooperation with the Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR) at Sheba Hospital. 


Selected publications:

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