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Welcome to the Research Authority!

The Research Authority at ZAC was founded in order to coordinate aspects of research, help researchers find funding opportunities, organize research events and encourage research collaborations. We are open to both academic and industrial collaborations as we believe in high-quality, multi-disciplinary research. International collaborations allow for more perspectives and comparisons, having broader international impact and new avenues.

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Dr. Hadar Neuman

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No Anxious Student is Left Behind: Statistics Anxiety, Personality Traits, and Academic Dishonesty—Lessons from COVID-19


Dr. Yovav Eshet
Scholarly studies have revealed that exposure to statistics courses affect students’ anxiety levels and that this has been associated with unethical misconduct. Thus, the present research’s main objective is to comprehend the...

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A room of one's own’: remote learning among Palestinian-Arab female students in the Israeli periphery following the COVID-19 crisis


Dr. Tal Meler
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the health, wellbeing, learning, housing and living arrangements, work and family life of students worldwide. This study analysed the effect of the implementation of remote...

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