Dror Netzer

Dror Netzer is a Social Worker, a lecturer and a staff member at Sefad Academic college, school of social work. He is a member of the international academic collaboration team of the Social work school at Sefad Academic College.

Dror Netzer Teaches Social Work methods, Domestic Violence, Group work, Inter-personal relationships in group work and social work ethics.

He is the national manager of occupational program for the rural areas in Israel,  at Ngo 'BE-ATZMI'.

Dror netzer wrote his Doctoral Thesis on the subject of 'the experience of therapists working with battered women from different cultural background'.

Dror Netzer is volunteering as the Therapeutic adviser for 'Mitspe Ayalim' Ngo- A Therapeutic farm for the rehabilitation of Ptsd combat patients.