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10 Good Reasons to Study at Zefat Academic College

Leading Lecturers and Researchers in their Field
The College is the leading academic home of a top team of groundbreaking lecturers and researchers in their respective fields, for whom teaching and research are the foremost mission and purpose. The College has five research centers in a range of fields
Among the Most Advanced Medical Simulation Centers in Israel
The Helmsley Institute for Advanced Health Training & Education at Zefat Academic College will soon operate at the College, advancing the training of students in the health professions and serving as a training center
International Academic Collaborations with Leading Academic Institutions
The College fosters international academic collaborations, among them with universities and colleges in the U.S., Italy, Slovakia and Hungary, with more to come, which combine both advanced learning methods and practical experience
A Unique Student Experience
The student composition of the Zefat Academic College is a mirror image of Israeli society. Our students are exposed to varied cultures and enriched by the diverse Israeli mosaic they experience throughout their studies
Millions of Shekels for Scholarships
Students at Zefat Academic College enjoy scholarships in the total amount of NIS 9 million. These scholarships are granted in collaboration with large and key organizations in Israel, among them Mifal HaPais - Israel National Lottery and the National Union of Israeli Students
A Warm Relationship with the Teaching Faculty
Zefat Academic College has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Alongside this growth, its devoted support personnel and diverse teaching faculty are dedicated to fostering a warm relationship with the students accompanied by personal attention and support
Social Involvement
The Zefat Academic College vision includes significant involvement in the social fabric of the northern periphery. Our students contribute to social projects and to strengthening communities in northern Israel, in addition to the activities of its student communities
Groundbreaking Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Out of a sense of mission and striving for our students to realize themselves professionally and in practice already in the course of their studies, the College established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center that operates similar to the leading centers in Israel
High Passing Rates on Government Exams in the Health Professions
Zefat Academic College offers a comprehensive cluster of study programs in the health professions, the most diverse in Israel, which pave the way to good paying jobs and a promising professional horizon. our graduates achieve impressive passing rates on the licensing exams
Enchanting Galilee Atmosphere
The Zefat Academic College overlooks the magnificent landscape of Mount Canaan. The College campus itself is interwoven along the city’s main street, adjacent to Zefat’s well-known ancient city. There are even winters when snow piles up on the college campus.

Law Alumna Mirit Mahdkar

School of Law

”The lecturers at Zefat Academic College are amazing“

The lecturers at Zefat Academic College are amazing

I received personal support during my studies and their contributions continue to guide me even after graduation

Tamer Zidan

Nursing Department

”I knew this was the place for continuing for Master's degree“

I knew this was the place for continuing for Master's degree

Following graduation, it was obvious to me that Zefat Academic College is the place for my further studies

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