Dispute Resolution – Theory and Practice

This course is an introductory skill-building course in negotiation, dispute management and resolution.

First, participants will learn to improve their own negotiation skills, helping them to act consciously and skillfully in tough situations.

We will learn and practice techniques designed to help us negotiate successfully despite the other party’s lack of skill, trust or good intentions, and to help ourselves manage situations in which we ourselves are parties to conflict in a beneficial manner.

This introduction will also help us understand how negotiations fall apart, and how conflict forms. Next, we will explore the spectrum of third-party intervention methods, showing how these processes are implemented and institutionalized on the inter-personal level as well as in the international sphere.

We will dedicate time to understanding and experimenting with the process of mediation, in which a third-party, lacking decision-imposing power, uses his / her negotiation expertise, his / her creativity and his / her relationship with the parties, in order to aid them in reaching agreement and transforming their relationship.

By understanding the design and management methods of the mediation process, participants will be able to bring their improved negotiation skills to bear in assisting others to negotiate and resolve conflicts peacefully.

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