Impacting the Community - Zefat Academic College

Impacting the Community

Zefat Academic College views social involvement as a key element in its role within the community. As such, it devotes approximately 180,000 student hours of community service per year.

ZAC, which has been an integral part of the city for as long as it exists, contribute to the community and to society in all its fields of activity, including physical, academic, cultural and social infrastructures. The location of the College and its distribution in the city center, naturally brings about a fruitful partnership with the community, the municipal leadership and the residents of the city, from all of the cultural sectors.  

Social activities led by the College in the city of Zefat are varied and touch all aspects of community life in the city.

Each student who receives a scholarship gives back to the community by volunteering in a social framework.

Our students volunteer in nursing homes, youth centers, medical centers, Beit Midrash, kindergardens, primary schools, special education, social clubs, organizations and associations such as Magen David Adom and Enosh - The Israeli Mental Health Association.   

The College empowers the local residents and upgrades social and environmental resources; it locates strengths and turns weaknesses into opportunities. The various programs that operate within the framework of the College are cross-sectoral and age-sensitive. The programs are carefully selected with the full participation of community members, taking into consideration the needs of the community, listening to the community's feelings and identifying growth engines that will make an impact in the long run.

We are dedicated to building a culture that respects all of its members and celebrates their contributions as we work together to strengthen our community first, and then the entire nation.