Diversity on Campus

In most Israeli academic institutions, diversity is designed to allow for a limited number of students from underrepresented parts of society. However, all of Israel's diverse populations are represented within ZAC's student body. This highly diverse and multi-cultural student body mirrors the demographics of the northern periphery of Israel.

While the College operates in a city with a majority of ultra-orthodox residents, it attracts a highly diverse and multi-cultural, Jewish and Arab, student body. More than half of the students come from minority groups, and the College is proud to be named the most diverse public institution of higher education in Israel.

The academic space of our campus mirrors the configuration of Israeli society. The existence of the College in the heart of the Galilee enables many populations who have been absent from the academic discourse in the country for many years, access to information, sources of influence and social mobility. As such a diverse high education institution, we offer the most effective space to create coexistence and allow it to flourish. It is the first meeting place in which young people from all parts of society meet under one roof, and share common interests. ZAC views inter-group familiarity as the main key to building a cohesive, stable, prosperous and sustainable society and therefore, plays a vital role in shaping the New Israeli Order, the image and future of Israeli society, Israeli economy and the State of Israel as a whole.