August 1, 2019
Open House day
We welcomed hundreds of people to our summery Open House day, and 148 have signed up to ZAC - to start fulfilling their dream. 
Join us in wishing good luck and fruitful studies to our 148 new students!


July 10, 2019
Yitzhak Rabin National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector
We are excited to share that ZAC won the Yitzhak Rabin National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector (5 Star Excellence Award in the Bronze category)!
"Zefat Academic College successfully implements values such as professionalism, multiculturalism, technological development, control and services, while being an engine for economic and social growth" - Honorable Justice Ezra Kama.
Out of the 64 academic institutions throughout the country, only two colleges, including ZAC, received the award.


June 18, 2019
Multicultural festival
The festival was held in cooperation with the "Israeli Hope" program, "Tozeret Ha’aretz", ZAC's Dean of Students, ZAC's Student Union and the Zefat Youth Center.


June 13, 2019
Graduation Ceremony
The fourth graduation ceremony held for graduates of the programs sponsored by Bar-Ilan University.
Congratulations to our graduates!!!

June 13, 2019
Graduation Ceremony
The third graduation ceremony was held for 170 students in the Multidisciplinary program and the Community Information Systems program. Among the students who received the degrees were 34 who graduated with honors!
Congratulation to our students!

June 12, 2019
End-of-the-Year Event at ZAC's Department of Social Work
An end-of-the-year event was held to summarize the work done throughout the year in ZAC's Department of Social Work. Students presented their projects, professional lectures were held and films made by the students were screened.

June 12, 2019
Graduation Ceremony
The second graduation ceremony held for 196 students from the Law, Behavioral Sciences, Literature, Art, Music, and Mysticism & Spirituality programs.
Congratulation to our students!


June 11, 2019
Graduation Ceremony
The first out of four graduation ceremonies, held for our students graduating the Physical Therapy, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science and Social Work programs.
Congratulation to our students!


June 10, 2019
Visit of the Israel Press Council
The Israel Press Council, headed by Justice Dalia Dorner, Supreme Court Justice (ret.) and Moti Rosenblum, General Manager of the Press Council, visited our campus and met with ZAC's President, Prof. Aharon Kellerman and with ZAC's Director General, Mr. Shlomi Ben Non. They learned from them about the College and about its plans for the future.

The delegation toured Zefat with Mr. Zeev Pearl, former mayor of the city. At the end of the tour, the Council met with students from ZAC, and heard about the difficulties of young people in the periphery. 

The visit continued with a meeting with Mr. Shuki Ohana, Zefat's mayor, who presented his vision for the development of the city. Afterwards, Mrs. Dorit Partovi, ZAC's Dean of Students, introduced the "Israeli Hope" project and the overall involvement of the students in the program, which generated special ties and relationships between students of different ethnic groups and religions. 

The President of the Press Council said, in her closing remarks, that the visit was part of the decision of the members of the Press Council to learn more about the periphery and its population in the north and south. She thanked the College for the warm hospitality and noted that they indeed learned a great deal about the special nature of ZAC and its special projects.

We thank the Council members for their visit!


May 2, 2019
Holocaust Remembrance Day
We held a ceremony at our campus to honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust, and the Righteous Among the Nations who saved Jews during the Holocaust. 
Esther Maman, a Holocaust survivor who lives in Zefat, was honored with lighting the torches in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust.


March 26, 2019
The 6th Annual Health Professions Conference: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Digital Information in Future Medicine 
The Conference was held in collaboration with ZAC and the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine - Bar Ilan University.
Among the subjects presented in the conference: the revolutionized world of robotics and computerization that penetrated the world of medical research and clinical fields, remote control robots for surgical procedures, computerized decision-making based on medical databases, computerized analysis of simulation results, cyber hazards in governmental, academic and industrial institutions, and other fascinating topics.

The conference featured researchers, academics, doctors, start-ups, regulators and representatives of the Ministry of Health, each of whom reviewed developments alongside the challenges facing medicine in Israel and around the world. The conference was attended by students from the ZAC and the Faculty of Medicine.
Prof. Aharon Kellerman, ZAC's President, spoke about the importance of academic and medical cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine, Ziv Medical Center and the College, to promote health studies in the Galilee.

March 25, 2019
25.3.19          Beit Wohl Auditorium
The Annual Meeting of ZAC's Board of Trustees
During the annual meeting of the College's Board of Trustees, the members toured with ZAC's Director General, Mr. Shmuel Har Noy, at the construction site of Beit Bussel. 
Har Noy presented the history of Beit Bussel and the College's plans for the establishment of the Medical Education Center at the Beit Bussel compound.
We thank our Board of Trustees for their participation and support.


March 10, 2019
ZAC's Science Fair
Dozens of families, residents of Zefat and the surrounding area, attended ZAC's science fair, held as part of the 2019 Israeli Science Week.
The fair offered scientific activities for children on scientific subjects like Fingerprints, DNA, Anatomy, Chemistry and more. 
The event concluded with a fascinating lecture on medicinal plants by Dr. Ziad Dabour, a lecturer at the College, and formerly the chief paramedic of the IDF.

January 1, 2019
1.1.19          Beit Wohl Auditorium
ZAC's Annual Mock Trial: "Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People Law"
The College's auditorium became a courthouse for the annual "Mock trial" event of ZAC's School of Law. 
The fascinating discussion dealt with the current subject of the Israeli Nation-State Law, and touched on core issues in the law's interpretation.
Six of the Law School's outstanding students presented the two sides of the controversy in front of a panel of distinguished judges:
Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, former Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel 
Justice Dr. Ron Shapira, Haifa District Court judge 
Advocate Khaled Zoa'bi, Chairman of the Northern District Bar Association.

At the end of the discussion, the three judges praised the professional and academic level of the students.

The event was organized by ZAC's Dean of Law, Prof. Mohammed Wattad, and the deputy head of the Law School, Dr. Yael Efron.


December 26, 2018
26.12.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium
ZAC's Department of Social Work One-Day Seminar: "Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse"
A screening of the documentary "Phoenix" (2017), followed by a Q&A and a conversation with Anat Tel-Mendelovich - the filmmaker, and with Phoenix - the subject of the film. 
Phoenix grew up in the Hebrew Israelites community in Dimona - where as a child, he was sexually molested and abused repeatedly by his uncle. Today, while suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he manages to rise from the ashes, tell his story and rebuild his life. This fascinating and stirring story allows social work students to take a closer look at the long term effects of childhood sexual abuse, effects that bring to the fore reflections and penetrating realistic questions.

December 17, 2018
The 2018 Yad Vashem International Book Prize for Holocaust Research
Dr. Daniel Reiser, senior lecturer at the Department of Mysticism and Spiritual Studies at ZAC, won the 2018 Yad Vashem International Book Prize for Holocaust Research for his book "Sermons from the Years of Rage" - a critical and annotated edition of Rabbi Shapira's Sermons during the Holocaust, according to manuscripts found in Poland.
You can find his lecture at the Award Ceremony here: >>…/Daniel_Reiser_Yad_Vashem_Book_Pr…

December 11, 2018
11.12.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium
"Holiday of Holidays" Event: Christmas, Eid al-Adha and Hanukkah      
ZAC's law students celebrate the unique cultural diversity of the College's community in the "Holiday of Holidays" event. During this time of year, as Hanukkah and Christmas combine, students take the opportunity to learn about each other's culture and celebrate the similarities and differences between cultures. Students presented the uniqueness of their holiday, played music, and spoke of the origins & customs of the holiday.


December 4, 2018
4.12.18     The Alliance Israelite Universelle School Square
Assembly to Protest Violence against Women
We support and participate in the national protest against violence against women in Israel, in light of the increase in the number of murders since the beginning of 2018. As part of the national protest throughout the country, the College's administration, academic staff, and students identify with the just struggle.

December 4, 2018
4.12.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium      
Hanukkah Science Fair
Our Academic Center for Youth hosts a Hanukkah Science Fair, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology & Space, and with "Galilium" - Regional Partnership for Science & Technology Education. The fair is open to the whole family and offers creative, educational activities and attractions like a dreidel-making workshop, a Hanukkah menorah with colored flames, fun science lectures for kids - and more

November 27, 2018
27.11.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium
"Women in Politics - After the Local Elections" Conference
The achievements of women in the latest municipal elections, held at the end of October 2018, reflect the increased awareness of women's right to take part in the leadership of society. To mark this achievement, the conference was held at Zefat Academic College. The conference focused on processes related to women's entry into the leadership of communities; pointed to the difficulties of the contestants during the election campaign; and analyzed the achievements of women in the race for premiership and entry into municipal councils. In addition, the conference discussed the role of the media in shaping women's images in the political world.


November 12, 2018
12.11.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium
The Galilee Conference for Business and Entrepreneurship
As part of the global entrepreneurship week, Zefat Academic College hosted the Galilee Conference for Business and Entrepreneurship, initiated by "Chasdei Lev", with the participation of "Maof", the Small and Medium Business Agency of the Israeli Ministry of Economics. 


November 6, 2018
6.11.18          Ziv Medical Center
The International Bioethics Conference
In cooperation with the UNESCO Chair at Haifa University, the Zefat Academic College and the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee.
The conference marked the end of 6 years of humanitarian aid provided by the Ziv Medical Center to the wounded and sick of the civil war in Syria.
Chair of the Conference: Prof. Tamar Gidron - Head of the Center for Bioethics, Law and Society in Health Professions, and a senior lecturer at the Zefat Academic College Law School.
Guest lecturer: Prof. Avinoam Reches - Head of the ethics union, Israel Medical Association, presented a fascinating lecture: "The Hippocratic Oath in the Free Market: Can there be an Economic Solidarity between the Doctor and the Patient?"


October 16, 2018
16.10.18          Beit Wohl Auditorium
The Opening Ceremony of the School Year at Zefat Academic College Law School
Prof. Barak, the former President of the Israeli Supreme Court, and his wife, retired Judge Elisheva Barak, Deputy of the National Labor Court, attended the opening ceremony of the school year at the Zefat Academic College Law School. In his remarks to students, Prof. Barak talked about three main issues: what is democracy, the role of the judge in democracy, and the role of a law student and a lawyer in democracy.