2018 - Yitzhak Rabin National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector


Zefat Academic College was awarded the 2018 National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector.

The College was chosen after a complex year-long selection process, led by a committee headed by Justice Ezra Kama. The committee visited the College, met with employees, and was exposed to the organization's achievements and work methods. 

Adv. Arie Hermelin, Chairman of the College's Executive Committee: "This competition is the most prestigious in the field of quality and excellence in the State of Israel, and is a recognition of excellence and quality, and the special investment by the College's management, academic and administrative staff in promoting and providing higher education to the residents of the Galilee."

The award program is run by the Civil Service Commission and is sponsored by the Prime Minister's Office, in cooperation with the Israel Society for Quality (ISQ).

2016 - Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Yael Giron, Head of the Department of Social Work at Zefat Academic College

Prof. Yael Giron received a social workers union award for a lifetime achievement in the development and assimilation of the social work specialty model. The award was given to Prof. Giron during the "International Social Worker's Day", which was held at the Knesset and was dedicated to the recognition of the work of social workers for a better society and empowerment of communities and the individual. During the event, awards were given to academics and other social workers.

Prof. Yael Giron is highly respected, both among her colleagues and among hundreds of students who have completed their studies and have integrated into the work force, as well as among those currently studying at the College.


2012 - Honorable Mention at the Yitzhak Rabin National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Business Sector