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A record number of graduates at the Zefat Academic College in 2018!

705 graduates received a bachelor's degree in 2018, after successfully completing their studies at the Zefat Academic College. This is the largest number of students completing their studies since the Zefat Academic College was recognized as an independent college.

A survey of graduates shows that most of the College's graduates throughout the years, have integrated into employment in all branches of the economy in Israel, and most of them continue their academic studies towards a master's or doctoral degree.

Graduates' Excellency:

  • The percentage of success in the government examination in nursing of graduates who studied at Zefat Academic College is very high, ranging from 96% to 100%.
  • According to a recent survey of graduates, more than 90% of graduates of the social work department at Zefat Academic College are employed as social workers in various social services in the north and other areas in Israel.
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