Prof. Aharon Kellerman - Zefat Academic College President

Zefat Academic College's vision is to make higher education - in necessary and fulfilling professions and areas of knowledge - accessible to Israel's northern population. We aim to serve as a multi-cultural bridge and bring academic inclusive excellence into Israel's northern periphery.

The College offers a wide variety of courses and study programs in the Health Professions, Social Sciences, Law, and the Humanities. Our highly trained academic staff is dedicated to the students, who represent the diverse northern population and come from all religions, cultures and backgrounds. In fact, we are proud to be named the most diverse college in Israel!

Being part of Zefat Academic College is a unique personal experience, full of rich social and cultural activities, in a magical city, with a diverse human landscape.

In leading the College to further develop and progress, I believe it is important to constantly search for new ways, new projects, new initiatives and new collaborations that will promote us on all levels. I see the College as a true manifestation of the successful meeting point between the old and the new, between preservation and innovation and between history and present time. Upon visiting the College, one can observe the rich history of the city of Zefat manifested in the College's historic buildings, which we cherish and preserve - together with the College's introduction of advanced technologies, progress and entrepreneurship to Zefat and northern Israel.

I would like to invite you to get to know the College and become our partner and supporter. By advancing the College, you are contributing not only to this unique institution, but also to the population in the north and to the State of Israel.