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Board of Directors

The ZAC Board of Directors consists of 9 members, and meets regularly throughout the year.

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Arie Hermelin
Mr. Hermelin completed his Bachelor's degree studies in Law at the Hebrew University in 1978. He practices Law at a private firm, specializing in commercial law and legal advisement to public offices since then.
He has been a legal advisor to different local authorities in the north since 1982, and is a legal advisor to local committees in Zefat and Kiryat Shemona to this day. Mr. Hermelin serves as a member in different committees including the northern Israeli police disciplinary court. He currently serves as Chairman of the Helsinki committee at Ziv hospital in Zefat, he is a member of the Israeli Council for Higher Education, and since 2006, Chairman of the board of directors at Zefat Academic College.

Members of the Board

Name From Position

Mr. Itzik Saig

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Tel Aviv

Former CEO of Osem Nestlé Groups

Mr. Arie Hermlin, Esq.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Amuka Observatory

Managing Partner, Law Firm

Mr. Nathan Onbar



Mr. Groner Benvenisty

Rosh Pina

CEO of Rafkor, agricultural storage

Ms. Yael Barram

Amuka Observatory

Regional Schools Superintendent

Dr. Isaac Stern



Professor Oscar Ambon


CEO of Ziv Regional Hospital

Mr. David Ben Abo


CEO of International Bank, Zefat

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