Board of Directors

The ZAC Board of Directors consists of 6 members, and meets regularly throughout the year.


Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Gruner Benbenisty


Between 2005 and 2019, Mr. Benbenisty was the CEO of Rafkor, agricultural storage.

He has an M.A. in Education Administration from the University of Haifa, and he is a Technion Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

Among his management roles, he was the founder and the first CEO of Tzahar Industrial Park at Rosh Pinna, Manager of Ackerstein Industries, CEO of Ort Mexico, and Director of the Education Department of Kiryat Shemona Municipality.

Members of the Board

Name From Position

Mr. Gruner Benbenisty - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rosh Pina

CEO of Rafkor, agricultural storage

Mr. Nathan Onbar



Ms. Yael Barram

Amuka Observatory

Regional Schools Superintendent

Dr. Isaac Stern



Professor Oscar Ambon


CEO of Ziv Regional Hospital

Mr. David Ben Abo


CEO of International Bank, Zefat