Behavioral Sciences (B.A. Bachelor Degree) - Zefat

Social Sciences

Behavioral Sciences (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

The course aims to provide students with a broad knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines in the behavioral sciences of psychology, criminology, sociology and anthropology. Concurrent with theoretical studies, students also undergo practical training and social involvement in different organizations and in the community. Studies in behavioral sciences include tours of factories and prisons as well as multi-cultural tours aimed at enriching and widening the horizons of the students. Graduates of the program will be able to integrate into professional work in the various social sciences in state and private organizations, human resources, correctional services, in training and guidance in educational bodies, institutions and community centers.

Social Work (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

The course provides theoretical study, courses in intervention methods in social work and professional training in the field. Social work graduates are employed in community organizations in various fields, such as working with families in social services departments, in hospitals and clinics in the field of health, hospitals for the mentally ill, mental health centers; working with children and in frameworks of educational boarding schools, parents' and children's centers, as well as in juvenile justice services and with adult offenders and in prisons. The B.A. degree allows graduates to continue to higher studies in social work and other professions.

Academic Retraining for B.A. in Social Work (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

This program is intended for graduates with a degree in social sciences, behavioral sciences and/or psychology. The program consists of two academic years, combining theoretical and practical knowledge with practical training in the field. The students are exposed to diverse knowledge systems and are involved in direct psycho-social intervention with families in situations of distress and crisis, children and youth at risk, the elderly, people coping with illness and disability, lawbreakers and more.

Community Information Systems (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

The course provides students with the ability to establish, implement, lead and manage information systems in a wide range of communities and organizations. Graduates of the program integrate into a variety of positions in organizations including information systems managers, system analysts, teams for developing information systems / websites / organizational portals, implementation of enterprise systems, interface design, end user support, project management in information systems and management of websites. Graduates of the program can continue to master's degrees in information systems or health systems administration, in accordance with the admission requirements of the institution.

Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

The goal of the program, in its various tracks, is to give students a broad academic education while providing the opportunity to focus on a variety of fields of study. The tracks taught in the department include: Economics and Management, Sociology and Management, Criminology and Law Enforcement, Political Science and Management, Management and Human Resources, Local Government and Political Science, Israel Studies and Political Science, and Special Education and Psychology. Upon graduation, the student will receive a B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies (without specifying the name of the faculty and study tracks). Graduates who meet all the requirements of the approved track will be able to continue their studies for a master's degree at any academic institution in Israel, in accordance with the admission requirements of the institution.