School of Law (LL.B. Bachelor Degree)

Zefat College offers unprecedented opportunities to study law alongside exceptional colleagues in a rigorous, energetic, and collaborative environment.


The Zefat Law School chooses to define itself through excellence. It ensures students have a valuable legal education, which prepares them to be part of the legal profession - as lawyers, advocates in the private sector or in the public sector, and as individuals.


The School expects its graduates to fulfill their roles professionally, ethically and with sensitivity to fundamental democratic values, including the rule of law and universal human rights. In addition to imparting legal knowledge, the School will ensure that values of excellence, equality, inclusiveness and tolerance are implemented.


The main goal of the Law School is to enable full access of legal studies toward a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B.) to the population in the periphery. Holders of this degree may, after completing their practical legal training, take the entrance exams to the Israel Bar Association and continue their academic studies for advanced degrees.