Zefat Center for Bioethics Society, Morality and Law in the Health Professions

An academic Center, in cooperation with the Zefat Academic College, Ziv Medical Center and the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, for research and applied research on topics that connect social sciences, law and health professions.
The Center works in cooperation with the Law School, the Faculty of Medicine and the Ziv Medical Center, and with the Health Professions departments of the Zefat Academic College. Lectures, conferences and seminars at each of the participating medical centers are being organized by the Center


The Center's activities:

December 2006: First Ziv Conference (Launch of the Center).

March 2017, Cyprus: Representation at the International Bioethics Conference.

October 2017: World Bioethics Conference at Zefat Academic College.
                      Guest of Honor: President of the Supreme Court (retired) Dr. Asher Dan Grunis.

November 2018: World Bioethics Conference at Ziv Medical Center.
                            Guest of Honor: Prof. Avinoam Reches, Chairman of the IMA Ethics Court.

The Center publishes The Bioethics Newsletter every three months.

Launch of an online bioethics course, in cooperation with the Haifa Center for Health & Law and Zefat Academic College.

Launch of an academic workshop on patient rights.

Printing 100 copies of the book "Medical Ethics in Israel" edited by Dr. Itamar Theodor.

Participation in the International Bioethics Conference in Jerusalem (November 2018)