Mysticism and Spirituality (B.A. Bachelor Degree) - Zefat

Mysticism and Spirituality (B.A. Bachelor Degree)

ZAC is the only place in Israel where you can earn a B.A. in Mysticism and Spirituality recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The department teaches the mystical and spiritual phenomena and traditions of different cultures - Kabbalah, mysticism in Christianity and Islam, Indian religions, Asian traditions and contemporary spiritualism. Studies take on a multidisciplinary nature: philosophy and history, psychology and sociology, gender and art, and more. The degree may be suitable for people interested in or engaged in alternative fields such as alternative medicine, counseling and therapy, coaching and teaching in the fields of mysticism, body of mind, guided tours, group facilitation and more. Students will be able to acquire a teaching certificate in Jewish thought within one year (a desired profession in schools throughout the country) or an alternative practical / therapeutic certificate. The degree enables students to pursue advanced academic degrees in related fields, such as movement therapy, art therapy, group facilitation, religious studies and more.