Health Sciences - Zefat

Health Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Department at Zefat Academic College trains students to become occupational therapists who are skilled, professional, ethical, and compassionate. Our graduates provide high-quality, evidence-based care to people of all ages who need occupational therapy services. They also contribute to the advancement of health and well-being in Israeli society. For more information click here

Nursing (B.S.N. Bachelor Degree)

The department aims to institutionalize nursing training at an academic level in order to ensure high quality of care. Nurses are the central axis in the care of the patient and their family, and they manage the hospital's medical care in clinics and community health institutions. The course aims to provide tools for diagnosing various health and illness conditions, providing broad knowledge of treatment resources, skills for intervention in emergencies and tools to manage patient care.

Nursing (M.SN Master's Degree)

The opening of the MA program in nursing is a historic breakthrough in nursing studies in the Galilee. The degree (without a thesis) emphasizes the development of managerial, professional and academic leadership in nursing, and in the health system. The degree is intended for those with a bachelor's degree in nursing, who wish to continue their studies for a master's degree and to develop in the academic and management fields. The course includes courses in nursing administration and policy, management of health systems, research methods and statistics, and experiential and interesting elective courses.

Physical Therapy (B.P.T. Bachelor Degree)

Physical Therapy aims to restore a patient to maximum function. The profession focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. The course trains rehabilitation practitioners in child development, orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics and welfare. It aims to provide theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of the development of the mobility system from infancy to old age and to train professionals with the knowledge and skills required to provide quality and effective Physical Therapy care.

Medical Laboratory Science (B.Sc Bachelor Degree)

The Course provides theoretical and practical knowledge for operating medical laboratories in all clinical fields, such as microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, hematology, molecular biology, genetics, pathology and more. Students receive an in-depth understanding of infectious and pathological human diseases in order to equip them with tools for independent, critical and creative thinking to perform quality tests, while maintaining quality control, and to provide them with tools for ethical behavior. Graduates of the department will be able to continue to M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the Life Sciences or in biotechnology, Health Sciences and 4-year medical studies.

Emergency Medical Services (B.EMS Bachelor Degree)

The paramedic's role is to provide primary emergency care to patients with urgent medical conditions during the critical time required to transfer them to hospital. The course aims to produce outstanding professionals who combine a humane and caring approach to the patient with the highest standard of professional knowledge and the ability to handle complicated situations and also to provide graduates with skills that fit the academic and practical aspirations of the health system in Israel. The program includes practical training in hospitals in the north, learning through simulations and practical training by Magen David Adom throughout the country. The course includes Magen David Adom certification in the paramedic profession. Paramedic graduates may continue their studies and study for a master's degree and doctorate in disaster management, emergency medicine, management / administration of health systems, and more.