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The Medical Training and Simulation Center

The Medical Training and Simulation Center will be built by integrating and renovating two existing structures and the addition of one new building. The Respite house was built in 1963 by the National Israeli Health Services to be used as a recovery home for patients after surgeries, accidents and illnesses. It was designed by the world renowned architect Jacob Riechter and operated until 1984. The historic Doctor's House was built as part of the original Beit Bussel compound and housed Dr. Anderson, a British Doctor who ran the hospital. The total area for construction will include 43,000 square feet and will be a state-of-the-art facility which will provide highly realistic and practical training for some 700 students enrolled in ZAC’s dynamic health sciences programs, in fields ranging from Medical Laboratory Sciences and Nursing to Physiotherapy, Special Education and the anticipated Emergency Medicine Program. Equipment will include computerized mannequins and simulators and videotaped scenarios for analysis and feedback.



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