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Capital Projects

Expansion plans now underway will create a new campus for Zefat Academic College.  The new campus, known by its historic name, Beit Bussel, will comprise six buildings, to be built or renovated on the five acres recently acquired by the College, and are adjacent to the College’s existing buildings.  

Beit Bussel’s historic buildings were designed by the renowned German-American architect Dr. Gottlieb Schumacher (Haifa) in Templar-style architecture, which is marked by artfully carved white stone, tile roofs, and large arched windows with decorative molding. The new Zefat Academic College Campus is planned to bring to life the beauty and spirit of the original design, rededicated to academic achievement and urban renewal in Israel’s beloved historic city of Zefat.


The master plan for the new campus includes naming opportunities for diverse building and facilities that will open the door to new academic opportunities in Israel’s northern periphery.


The College, together with the Rashi Foundation, is overseeing Beit Bussel's restoration and the new buildings now in varied stages of planning and construction. Currently, three projects are being planned that require the generous support of the philanthropic community.


The Gate House and the Nursing School

The Medical Training and Simulation Center

The Anglican Missionary Hospital 


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