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The Zefat Academic College Library

The Zefat Academic College Library


At the heart of the Wohl Academic Complex on the new Beit Bussel Campus is a new state-of-the art Library. The Library is 1,276 square meters (13,665 square meters) and includes study space for 300 students, learning areas for individuals and groups and facilities for an expanded collection of traditional and electronic books, manuscripts and databases. The new library on the Beit Bussel Campus of Zefat Academic College introduces an advanced learning facility to Zefat by opening its doors to all of Zefat’s residents, from high school students preparing for a future college education to the public-at-large, and was opened on October 2014. The library represents a significant advance for the city, by providing a modern global learning center for its residents.


In addition to the Library, The Wohl Academic Complex includes an auditorium for scholarly conferences and cultural events open to the public at large. The auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic technology. In addition, the building will include a café to offer students and visitors a pleasant respite in an environment steeped in an intellectual inquiry.

We are still looking for partners who will support the Cafeteria and more essential functions of the building like Breastfeeding rooms, group study rooms and computer labs.



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