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The Current Zefat Academic College Campus

Zefat Academic College is located at the gateway to the historic city of Zefat. The current campus is comprised of four historic buildings which have been adapted and renovated to meet the needs of twenty-first century higher education. Over 90% of ZAC’s 2,500 students have their roots in the multicultural Galilee, and the buildings, classrooms and laboratories in which they study reflect the College’s commitment to historic preservation and state-of-the-art higher education in the city of Zefat and the region.

ZAC’s signature historic building, Beit Hadassah, was constructed by Baron Rothschild in 1910, and was completely renovated ninety years later in keeping with the stringent standards of Israel’s Society for the Preservation of Israel.   The other three buildings have also been renovated and adapted for the College’s baccalaureate degree programs in the health sciences, law, the social sciences and the humanities.

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