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Academic Programs

Zefat Academic College offers baccalaureate programs in health sciences, social sciences and the humanities as well as multidisciplinary tracks.  Many of the degree programs are the first of their kind to be offered in the Galilee. All are designed to provide a well-rounded quality higher education to enable students to pursue careers in fields in high demand in the Galilee and throughout Israel. 

Law - LL.B

Medical Laboratory Sciences - B.Sc.

Physiotherapy - B.PT.

Nursing - B.S.N

Social Work - B.A.

Community Information Systems - B.A.

Behavioral Sciences - B.A.

Mysticism and Spiritualities - B.A.

Literature, Art and Music – B.A.


Multidisciplinary Tracks


Economics and Human Resource Management – B.A.

Human Resource Management and Sociology – B.A.

Political Science and Human Resource Management - B.A.

Criminology and Law Enforcement – B.A.

Special Education – B.A. under the auspices of Bar – Ilan University


The College’s academic mandate also includes the development of baccalaureate degrees in emerging fields and master’s degree programs in nursing and social work. 


The College, originally founded as an extension of Bar-Ilan University, was granted independent accreditation by Israel’s Council of Higher Education in 2007.


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